Walk Out of Your Appointment Feeling Like a Brand-New You

At Louro Chiropractic Center and Jersey Shore Institute of Health & Wellness, we offer a variety of physiotherapy services for our patients in Jackson, New Jersey and Wall / Manasquan. Visit one of our two locations to experience top-of-the-line technologies like:

Hands-free ultrasounds – Helps reduce inflammation and are often used for all athletic injuries.

Horizon infrared and red-light therapy units – Improves joint functions and helps in the restoration of herniated discs. They can also be used directly over the spinal cord.

Neck correct cervical spine rehab units – Restores a normal curve in the spine to repair head and neck posture issues.

Voodoo floss tools– Allow your Chiropractor to go beyond your range of motion to increase your capabilities and restore lost range of motion.

RockTape – our Chiropractors are certified to use RockTape, which reduces swelling and inflammation, delays fatigue, reduces pain and increases circulation.

Graston tools – Helps Chiropractors detect and break down scar tissue adhesion and muscular restrictions. Using these tools repeatedly can bring back lost range of motion.

Do you want to learn more about the tools we use at Louro Chiropractic Center in Jackson, NJ and Jersey Shore Institute of Health & Wellness in Wall / Manasquan, NJ? Reach out to us today to speak with a knowledgeable Chiropractor.

Trust your spinal therapy needs to us

Whether your pain comes from an athletic injury or a slip and fall, the talented Chiropractors at Louro Chiropractic Center and Jersey Shore Institute of Health & Wellness can help you feel better and get you on the path to recovery. Call us now to speak with a Chiropractic expert or to learn more about our disc and spinal therapy sessions.