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Dr. Jim Louro Jr.

Licensed Chiropractor

Dr. Jim Louro Jr. is a newly licensed chiropractor in New Jersey working out of Louro Chiropractic Center in Jackson, New Jersey and the Jersey Shore Institute of Health & Wellness in Wall, NJ. Dr. Jim attended Albright College in Reading, PA, before attending Brookdale Community College in New Jersey, before transferring to Delaware Valley University in Doylestown, PA. He played Division III Football at both Albright and Delaware Valley, and studied Secondary Education, History, and Biology at all three. He attended Life University in Marietta, GA where he studied Biopsychology while completing their Doctor of Chiropractic program, graduating in March of 2019.

While in chiropractic school Dr. Jim completed courses in Advanced Pediatric Technique and Advanced Pediatric Diagnosis. He also completed courses and became board certified in Physio-Therapeutic modalities.
Dr. Jim is the oldest of six children and comes from a family of Chiropractors that includes his father and three uncles, and, will later include his brother and sister. Having been adjusted since birth, Dr. Jim has lived a holistic and natural lifestyle his entire life. Dr. Jim’s philosophical approach to practice is focused on the doctor-patient relationship, which, for him, is based around approachability, open discussion, and patient education and empowerment, where patient complaints need to be, first, listened to, then approached from a scientific methodology that focuses on the cause of their ailments, not just the symptomatic manifestations such as pain and physiologic dysfunction.

“Since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to help people in a way that would have a positive and meaningful impact and change their lives for the better. I know of no better way I can do that than by helping to reduce people’s pain and bodily dysfunctions and empower them so that they may lead healthy, pain-free and stress-free lives. Because, for me, the only purpose, and the greatest reward, in life is to serve others.”

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Jim Louro Jr, DC

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